Conservation of Endangered Ecosystems


Ecosystems provide us with clean water and air, flood control, pest control, crop pollination, and many other benefits. In fact without plants making oxygen, a rather toxic byproduct of photosynthesis, we would not exist. The Endangered Species Act, proposed thirty years ago by a conservative president, acknowledges our dependence on the natural world. The Noah's Ark approach of saving two of each species would technically comply with the ESA, but it wouldn't be a world we could live in. To keep ecosystem services flowing there need to be many populations of species distributed widely and working together. If there is any hope that the world will support 8 or more billion people in a decent life we will need to conserve species and we will need to conserve whole populations of them.

Paul Ehrlich shared with us his thoughts about saving and repairing endangered ecosystems in addition to conserving endangered species.

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