Creationists' War On Science


Creationists, those who believe in a literal intrepretation of the Bible, like scientific theories, such as the big bang hypothesis about the beginning of the Universe, that support their religious beliefs. However when science contradicts their beliefs, for example concerning the age of the Earth or evolution, they have developed alternative theories that agree with the Bible, calling it creation science. Creationists have lost in court when they try to get their beliefs injected into school curricula and law.

There are some kinds of questions that science cannot address; that is, questions of value and purpose, and even the Pope has recently tried to downplay any apparent contradiction between science and matters of faith. But scientists and non scientists alike should know that there are organized, dedicated, and well financed groups of creationists who are working to impose their religious beliefs on public institutions under the disguise of creation science.

If you want more information about creationism you can visit the Institute for Creation Research website at http:// Robert Pennock, a professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Texas, recently delivered the following address at the University of Washington outlining creationists beliefs and the the evolution of their strategy to get their beliefs into law and policy. Professor Pennock has written a book on creationism, Tower of Babel, due to be published in the fall of 1998 by MIT press.

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